Product: ROLLER

My identity is built around internet humor. Even back at 17, I told an interviewer for Cosmogirl that I looked for a woman who “laughed with proportional haha’s, not lols.” So when the web evolved to letting friends send each other reaction videos, there was a missing piece.

My favorite way to shock and awe was with this carefully time-stamped YouTube video of Jordan Rudess. But there was a problem. Time-stamping was poorly understood. The video was long so people thought they were being sent 8 minutes of content. And worst of all, YouTube buffers too slowly, revealing the joke in advance before the audio kicks in.

That’s why we made Roller (under development). Take a look at some product stills and marketing materials below. I teamed up with a pro designer and Ruby engineer to make this one happen:

You can cut up any YouTube into a finite start and end point, re-title it and send it with a blank white background so that a friend gets an original clip based on the source material.

Some more about us:


What is it? Roller is an online sidekick that helps you collect, share and save your favorite multimedia moments from YouTube. Roller allows you to easily isolate specific bits of videos – just the part you want to see – and then send the snippet as a short link to your friends while preserving the element of surprise (by hiding every YouTube detail except the video itself). Everything you share can be saved on Roller for easy access and future use.

Why did we build this? The big problem with trying to clown or surprise someone with YouTube links is that the humor is compromised when one’s video slowly buffers with its title and description in full view. That’s why roller links presents the clip and nothing more – no distracting titles and related video info. Just the very moment you wish to communicate with a friend or internet friend.

When would I use it?

  • You want to create a multimedia “reaction image” – a link that jumps right to a reactive moment in a video

  • You want to share a funny moment or punchline from a long comedy skit or routine

  • There’s a musical phrase you want to point out in a full performance or concert

  • …More to be determined by you, dear user

Who are we? A couple of trolls who want to leverage the power of the web and the content of YouTube to share multimedia just the way we like it. Whether it’s for preserving our best memories or amusing our friends, we want to up the ante in this game of link-sharing and go a step beyond the .jpg & .gif.