9 Block Maker for Sheets: Terms & Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy:”9 Block Maker for Sheets”

Applies to: “9 Block Maker for Sheets”

Effective: 11/24/2021

Last Update: 11/28/2021

Max Brawer (“Max”, “we”, “our”) understands that privacy is important and attempts to respect privacy of our users (“Users”, “you”). By installing these add-ons (“services”) or visiting this website maxbrawer.com, you agree to the following terms and collection or use of information in accordance with this policy:

Data Collection and Use: We do not currently intend to collect any user data beyond data provided to publishers in the Google Workspace Marketplace by default (including user email). User email attached to your profile is limited in use for evaluating your status as a paid user. If a user has emailed or responded to a web form to show interest or inquire about the product, we will treat that email address and its contents as confidential and only used for essential product communication and improvement.

GDPR Compliance: these services are GDPR compliant. We do not collect user analytics, device information, personal data or any data you provide to the Google Workspace Application.

Add-on Scopes: in order to function, these add-ons use the minimum required Google Workspace scopes to access areas of your Google Workspace Application. They are:

  • “https://www.googleapis.com/auth/spreadsheets.currentonly”,
  • “https://www.googleapis.com/auth/userinfo.email”
  • These scopes are required to access the current Spreadsheet and convert your input data into a formatted 9 Block, all within one active document. Your email is only used for and evaluating your status as a paid user.

To Contact Us: For help and support, we recommend contacting inquiries@maxbrawer.com with your question and relevant screenshots.

Changes: this policy may change over time. If it does, we will update it here and revise the last update field above.

Terms of Use:

These apps are created by Max Brawer in his spare time and are independently made and supported. The following applies to all apps:

  1. For help and support, we recommend contacting inquiries@maxbrawer.com with your question and relevant screenshots.
  2. No personal data is collected by the developer from the add-on.
  3. No access to users Drive files is given to the developer from installation of this add-on.
  4. There is no guarantee for support for the add-on and the add-on could be removed at any time without notice.
  5. Any data stored within the add-on is stored locally on the users account.
  6. No guarantee is made for the quality or reliability of the service.